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Covid Disinfection Sydney

With UrCleaner effective and budget friendly Covid Disinfection Sydney package. You will never have to worry about work place infection anymore. From constant contamination monitoring to day to day sanitizing hot spot. We take care all.

Our Main Priority

We aim to eliminate all the germs and bacteria from your venue, returning you a safe environment for your daily activity.

Our Services

We provide one stop  Disinfection cleaning service to meet all your needs for your venue.

Our Service Location

Our service covers all over the greater part of Sydney.

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We provide unique and customised disinfection cleaning services, whether you need monthly cleaning or a detailed daily cleaning service.

precision and premium disinfection

We provide unique and customised Covid 19 disinfection cleaning services, whether you need monthly disinfection cleaning or a detailed daily hot-spot sanitization cleaning service. 

01. Constant Contamination Monitor

Level of cleanliness and contaminant in the air or on the medical equipment can be vital especially for vulnerable patience. Constant contamination monitoring is highly essential for medical facility.

02. Sanitizing, Sterilizing, Disinfecting

Our strict cleaning procedure involves Sanitization, Sterilization, Disinfection to ensure 99% of germs are eliminated at high risk contamination area where people are getting infected from germs and bacteria.

03.Compliance with OH&S and WHS!

All our cleaner are OH&S certified and highly trained professionals, who offers High quality of services with inexpensive cleaning solutions. Ensuring healthy environment for workers is our top priority.

High traffic, High-risk area

Toilet tab, door handle and desk surface etc are high traffic and high rick area in terms of virus spreading. Intensive disinfection cleaning are being used to every single of potential high rick area in order to protect the safety of everyone in the venue.

Safe and Unharmful Chemicals

Many cleaning products contain chemicals that can damage health and environment. At UrCleaner, we avoid all sort of toxic cleaning product for disinfection cleaning service. As result, You and your stuff can relax and work in the safe atmosphere.

Enforced Virus Protection

Food contamination can be passed on by uncleaned kitchen bench surface as well as greasy appliance. Moreover, improper sanitization could cause even food poison or virus infection. Our kitchen cleaning service makes sure all the hygiene hazard are being strictly cleaned, sanitised and double-checked.

Fogging Disinfection Method

Fogging disinfection method professionally eliminate the virus hazard at air as well as every surface of your venue from kitchen cabinet to rubbish bins, from individual desk to the surface of walls.

Floor & Carpet Vacuuming

Sweep, mop or vacuum full-floor areas in reception and vending areas. Clean and sanitize all counter-tops, tables, chairs and vending machines.

Sanitize All Furniture

All the medical desks, chairs, computers, water coolers, waste-baskets, sofa and so on will be hand wiped, sanitized and leaving you sparkling shine environment with peace of mind from bacteria.

Latest Cleaning Work

We Provide Professional Commercial Cleaning service Sydney With special tailored contract that not only suits your situation but also comes with great price and saving you money. Sincere Professional Cleaners In Sydney With Years Of Experience.

Cleaning Expert Team

At UrCleaner, our cleaners are fully trained and ready to commit for long term commercial cleaning service. Unlike other cleaning company at market, which you will find impossible to know who is actually cleaning your venue. 

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Margaret Anderson

Head of Laboratory Department
lab expert team member 2 - Covid Disinfection Sydney

Mark Anthony

Senior Pathologist

lab expert team member 3 - Covid Disinfection Sydney

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician

Get One Step Ahead Of Germs

Need to find a reliable commercial cleaning service Sydney for your venue? Make appointment with your name, email, phone and requested details and we will call you back to arrange a time to meet with you in person and inspect your premises.

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