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Our Gym Cleaning Sydney team is fully trained and reliable to make sure all areas of the gym are greener and cleaner! At Gym Cleaning Service UrCleaner, we take the time to make sure all the gym equipment and facilities are sparkling clean. We use specialized equipment and non-toxic chemicals to remove sweat, skin flakes, and soap scum.

Quality Gym Cleaning Service

At UrCleaner’s gym cleaning Sydney service, we understand how important it is to keep all the areas of your spa, health, or leisure centre clean to the highest standards. Cleanliness is important not just for your club members but for your internal staff as well. We want them to have the positive experience they deserve, which is why we do what we do!


Cleaning Location


Expert Cleaners

Fully trained staff

Our staff are all trained in the need for the highest hygiene standards when performing gym cleaning in Sydney. We understand wet areas need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent bacterial issues. Gym equipment gathers sweat, body fats and skin particles that must be removed regularly to ensure a hygienic environment. Floors require extra attention due to sweat, dust and foot traffic. Our staff have the knowledge, equipment and products required to ensure this is all undertaken professionally and efficiently.

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Fresh and clean

Nothing is worse than entering a gym with odours or stale air. Our gym cleaning in Sydney will leave your premises smelling fresh and inviting. We all know there are ways to make a place smell clean without actually cleaning. The fresh smells from our cleaning are due to our cleaners conducting thorough cleans, not from sprays or products designed to cover bad smells and odours and create an illusion of cleanliness.

Consistency is key

Your premises need consistency with high standards of cleanliness to remain as hygienic as possible. At UrCleaner, we offer competitive rates and services that will see hygiene issues as a thing of the past. We arrive at a time convenient to you, provide the highest quality cleaning services, and depart. None of your time will be wasted overseeing or managing your cleaning as you discover the absolute freedom of being able to trust your gym cleaning in Sydney to be carried out professionally and efficiently.

Contact us today to discuss your spa, gym, health or leisure centre needs. We are ready to bring your premises into a new state of cleanliness that will make your customers comfortable and your staff happier and more productive.

Our Advantage

UrCleaner always provides the highest standard gym cleaning Sydney service as we know that gyms require much more than a vacuum, dust, and wipe. We disinfect all over your gym every time we clean to ensure there will not be sickness, smells, and germs spreading.

01. Environmental friendly Chemical

Not only getting rid of germs is important but also leaving no harmful chemical on your gym equipment is essential for the safety of your stuff and clients.

02. Precision Disinfection

At UrCleaner’s Gym cleaning Sydney service, we use a highly precise disinfection method, which combines emitting disinfection mist to the air and hot-spot manual sanitization.

03. Covid Safe Cleaner with background check

We conduct fully background check on all of our cleaners as well as Covid test in order to make sure our cleaners are safe work.

Fitness Area

Disinfect and professionally clean your fitness facility consistently, including nautical, cardio equipment, and free weights.

Shower & Restrooms Polishing

Clean and disinfect to control fungus and mold in shower stalls, surfaces, toilets, urinals, sinks, and mirrors. Replenish liquid hand soap, toilet tissue, and paper towels.

Locker Room

Clean, sweep and sanitize floors, lockers. Polish mirrors, wipe down all vertical surfaces, doors, door handles and vertical surfaces.

Floor & Carpet Vacuuming

Fully sweep, vacuum and mop every corner in your office. Wipe and sanitize all counter-tops, tables, chairs  machines with care.

Office and Front Desk

Cleaning all offices, desks, chairs, computers, water coolers, empty waste-baskets. Polish doors and other wood surfaces.

Entrance area

Sweep, mop or vacuum full-floor areas in reception and vending areas. Clean and sanitize all counter-tops, tables, chairs and vending machines.

Why Choose Us


Professional Service

We take pride in offering the highest quality office cleaning services Sydney with our highly trained commercial cleaning team.


Low Budget

We charge less for the same amount of job than other office cleaning company does, because we are more efficient, faster meanwhile maintaining cleaning quality.


Flexible Schedule

Our cleaning routine totally depends on your preference. From early in the morning or late at mid-night, we handle your office cleaning at all time.


No Contract

UrCleaner office Cleaning Sydney does not bind customers into long-term contracts. We do only basic contract in order to prove the relation between you and our company.


Stable Cleaner

We make sure every cleaner we hire has quality of good English communication skill, hard working and highly trained and ready to commit their office cleaning service Sydney in long-term.


24/7 Communication

We keeping strong communication at the forefront of our work by email or messaging when it comes to office cleaning Sydney 24/7. Furthermore, we fix all the issues on the same day.


Extra Discount

We offer 10% discount on your current quote if our cleaning service is being referred from you to others. The more referring is from you, the less money you will need to pay for your office cleaning service.


Fix issue on the day

Whenever where your office is and what requirement you need for the day. We always aim to accomplish it  on the same day without postponing to next day.

Our Cleaning Certification

Cleaning Expert Team

At UrCleaner, our cleaners are fully trained and ready to commit for long term commercial cleaning service. Unlike other cleaning company at market, which you will find impossible to know who is actually cleaning your venue. 

lab expert team member 1 - Gym Cleaning Sydney

Margaret Anderson

Head of Laboratory Department
lab expert team member 2 - Gym Cleaning Sydney

Mark Anthony

Senior Pathologist

lab expert team member 3 - Gym Cleaning Sydney

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician

Get One Step Ahead Of Germs

Need to find a reliable commercial cleaning service Sydney for your venue? Make appointment with your name, email, phone and requested details and we will call you back to arrange a time to meet with you in person and inspect your premises.

Got a question?

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