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How to Clean Greasy Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Floor


Have you wonder how to Clean Greasy Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Floor. Commercial kitchen could be nightmare for you stuff to clean at the end of each shift. Not only it takes huge amount time but also sometimes regardless how much effort you put in, those stubborn grease just does not seem to go away.

Among all the area at commercial kitchen, the floor takes us most space and attract most dirt, grease and bacteria. Therefore, having a proper cleaned kitchen floor is one of the most important thing when it comes to running your daily food business.

But how to clean greasy commercial restaurant kitchen floor has become tough issue for most of commercial restaurant owner. Here is how you can easily clean your greasy commercial kitchen floor and leave the fresh working environment.

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Cleaning Procedure

  • The sweep

  • The Degreaser

  • Brush, Rinse and Squeegee


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The Sweeping

Sweeping could be easy but yet, patience sometimes could be one of the most difficult thing. Always make sure to take your time and sweep every corner of the kitchen floor leaving no food scrap. As some of left over food scrap could cause further bad odour as well as bring server hygiene issue to your kitchen.


The Degreaser

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What is Degreaser

Degreasers is a cleaning product and contains chemicals that are effective in dissolving water insoluble matters such as oil, lubricants, tar, wax, resin and grease, which can be used to remove oil based smears from hard surfaces like machinery, instruments and floors. There are numbers of different names, including precision cleaner, maintenance cleaner, grill cleaner and oven cleaner. Some degreasers not only cleanse but also fulfill the purpose of disinfecting and deodorising.

Types of Degreaser

Caustic Based Degreaser

Degreaser - Kitchen Cleaning Service Sydney

  • Suitable for paint surfaces, motor body surfaces and will not affect alloy.
  • Apply onto the area and hose off with water for great results.

Solvents caustic based degreaser is a great cleaner to have around the workshop and garage as it is high-pressure applications that will not affect alloy. Most effective in the automotive industry to remove grease, grime, and other build-ups.

Solvent Based Degreaser

Solvent Degreaser - Restaurant Cleaning Service Sydney

  • Heavy-duty degreaser suitable for bitumen, asphalt, and tar.
  • If using it on a paint surface make sure you thoroughly wash it off as it may affect paints.

Solvents degreaser is not an all-purpose degreasing type product as it is quite heavy duty and solvent-based. The product is developed to be used for professional use to remove grease, brake dust, asphalt, silicone and other contaminants. It is important to know using it on a paint surface make sure you thoroughly wash off as it may affect paints.

Detergent Based Degreaser – Alkaline Based Degreaser

Alkaline Degreaser - Kitchen Cleaning Service Sydney

  • Heavy-duty degreaser is suitable for the removal of fat and grease from kitchens, canopies, vinyl, ceramics tiles, walls, floors and truck curtains on truck liners.
  • It is important to dilute the product down according to the job and application as it is heavy-duty.

You can also make your own degreaser at home, here are the way to make them.

How Should You Use Degreaser

  1. Apply a vinegar solution or baking soda solution.
  2. Leave the solution to stand for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off with water.

If the degreaser that you have is industry degreaser, then make sure to read the description before using it, As most of them are corrosive. After all, Correct ratio and proper rinsing are the key procedure from harsh chemical damaging.

Brush, Rinse and Squeegee

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Gently brush the floor with brush for the purpose of not to damage the floor, make sure to use soft head brush. Additionally rinsing the floor with sufficient water until no chemical foam being left over. Last but not least, Squeegee all the extra water out of the floor, then finish up with mopping.


No matter what floor you have, as long as you follow hygienic practices, beauty can be low maintenance. The more consistent you are with cleaning, the longer your flooring will keep its appearance.

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