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How to clean and care for your stone bench tops

to avoid stains on your stone, follow these tips:

1:Wipe down regularly with a damp cloth and warm soapy water;
2:Soak up spills immediately with a paper towel;
3:Don’t use your washing up dishcloth to wipe down your bench as you’ll transfer oils that could stain;
4:Put a spill mat under any metal container to prevent rust spots;
5:Use a heat mat if you need to put down a saucepan or a hot bowl. Hot items could cause the bench to crack.

6:Caesarstone benches are non-porous but there are many on the market, such as marble, that will be more prone to soaking up a stain than others.

7:The best way to keep the surface clean is to it wipe down often with warm soapy water – kitchen detergent is fine – to remove residue that could stain.

8:To leave a streak-free surface, use a clean dry cloth to dry it off; and for extra shine use a small amount of methylated spirits on a cloth.

kitchen bench

types of foods stain stone benchtops?

Although colourful food is often the healthiest, there are a few items you should relegate to the sink during food preparation.

  • Beetroot
  • Turmeric
  • Oils
  • Red wine
  • Pasta sauce
  • Tandoori or curry sauce
  • Berries
  • Fruit and vegetable juices

beetroot being prepared in a bowl

What to do if you see a stain on your stone benchtops?

The first step is not to panic when you see a stain on your stone benchtop – most things can be removed if you act quickly. Here are our tips for attacking stains on stone benchtops on urcleaner.com.au

  • Depending on what the stain is you may be able to use a plastic spatula to get most of the residue off and then attack with soapy water or a specialised cleaner;
  • Robyn recommends avoiding harsh abrasives like steel wool and scourers, as these may damage the surface;
  • On non-porous benches, such as Caesarstone, use a small amount of white cream paste on a very wet cloth, then wipe down liberally and let it sit to soak in;
  • If you see a stain and can’t remove it easily, speak to your bench manufacturer to get the best result;
  • Before you reach for heavy-duty cleaners like bleach or nail polish remover, be sure to call the manufacturer for advice to avoid doing damage.

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