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How to start a commercial cleaning business 

Dirty business establishments are a sure way to lose customers. But if the  business owner or office manager has the time and interest to clean up?  the answer is no. If you’re not afraid of cleaning, this business idea might be right for you, and you can start a profitable business with your own commercial cleaning company. 

Advantage of starting commercial cleaning business 

The advantage of this business is that it can be started on a very small budget and generally does not require any special skills, background or experience.

Another advantage is that this is an ideal part-time job, as offices and shops are likely to want you to come to clean after hours, and you can keep your current job if you wish. until your own business grows. You will need to understand the products used for commercial cleaning and how to use them.


what is the first thing you should do when starting a cleaning business

To start your own Commercial cleaning Sydney business, you must obtain a business license or business license and securities insurance (bond insurance), which will protect you and your customers, for example, if you or your work team have problems cleaning, Insurance will get back to your customer for you.

Your customers can be small businesses, including doctor’s offices, stores located in malls, retail stores, and more. Big companies aren’t your best bet, as you’ll need a few employees to cover the entire venue every night, but for smaller companies, you can contract to go one or more nights a week. Visit potential clients and deliver your flyers and business cards, or you can launch promotional mailings, perhaps with an introductory discount. Placing car magnetic signs (door custom magnets) is also a great idea to promote your business and provide a more professional look.

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8 Steps to build successful cleaning business


1: Building the service to be provided

We can provide various basic cleaning services such as office cleaning service, gym cleaning service and kitchen cleaning service, the list goes on and on. When you provide the service, do not forget to include the list of cleaning details for your client, such as vacuuming cleaner, moping, toilet cleaning, surface dusting and more. The client may also ask extra from you, do not be afraid to take on the opportunity to expand your service variety.  

2: Implement a business plan that includes the services you will provide

List your startup costs and marketing expenses. Since it may take a while for your business to generate significant profits, plan how to maintain your business while you wait. You can even include goals to eventually expand your business plan. Always prepare enough budget for your potential upcoming business costs, such as transportation, equipment and employee payment. 

3: Dealing with commercial licenses.

You must contact the business license or registration department in your area for requirements to apply.

4: Buy insurance for your cleaning business.

You usually need third-party liability insurance to cover any damage or loss caused by your business.

5: Buy supplies and equipment for your cleaning company.

In most cases, you will need a bucket with a vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, and squeezer. If you want to clean the floor or clean the carpet for your clients, you will also need a floor cleaner and a carpet cleaner.

6: Determine the price

Set general prices and hourly rates for your cleaning services. You can also provide a unique quote for each prospect, but this will give you the first guide.

7: Promote the service

Make sure potential clients know that you offer commercial cleaning service. You can tour the business building and provide the manager with information about your business. You also can send the ad by email. Advertising in local newspapers and directories can also give you exposure.

8: Possess the necessary equipment

Your tools will include a commercial vacuum cleaner, and for small businesses, you can use a normal household model, rubber gloves, a mop, a bucket of water, a sponge, a rag, a rubber roller for rinsing, a garbage bag, a cart to transport your equipment and cleaning supplies. You will need a reliable vehicle to transport you to the customer’s location.


in conclusion

Starting a profitable business initially requires you to identify needs and find ways to meet them. Often, office managers and business managers need Commercial cleaning service Sydney and you can meet this need by starting a commercial cleaning business. This business usually requires only a small initial investment and can be implemented gradually. Although you can start small, you can eventually expand your office cleaning business to serve more customers and include additional teams of employees.

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