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University is the place for student to socialize, interact and develop skills. It is important to keep the school clean and properly disinfect on daily basis in order to make sure all the students are in a safe environment. UrCleaner provides a premium school cleaning service in Sydney that takes care of not only the cleanness of all the surfaces but also the deep disinfection of every single corner.

University clean matters

when cleaning an educational facility, not only our school cleaning service makes sure all the germs, dirt and organic matter being removed from surfaces but also, more importantly, to use proper safe chemical to kill 99%  germs and bacteria in a high-traffic environment from further risk of spreading infection.


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Expert Cleaners

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Our Qualifications

All of our cleaners have a current Working With Children (WWCC).
Our cleaners also undergo mandatory national police checks

01. Environmental friendly Chemical

Not only getting rid of germs is important but also leaving no harmful chemical on your gym equipment is essential for the safety of your stuff and clients.

02. Precision Disinfection

We use highly precision disinfection method, which combines emitting disinfection mist to the air and hot-spot manual sanitization.

03. Covid Safe Cleaner with background check

We conduct fully background check on all of our cleaners as well as Covid test in order to make sure our cleaners are safe work.

Fogging Disinfection Method

Fogging disinfection method professionally eliminate the virus hazard at air as well as every surface of your school from kitchen cabinet to rubbish bins, from individual desk to the surface of walls.

Floor & Carpet Vacuuming

Sweep, mop or vacuum full-floor areas in reception and vending areas. Clean and sanitize all counter-tops, tables, chairs and vending machines.

Sanitize All Furniture

With UrCleaner’s university cleaning service, all the medical desks, chairs, computers, water coolers, waste baskets, sofa, and so on will be hand wiped, sanitized, and leaving you sparkling shining environment with peace of mind from bacteria.

Safe and Unharmful Chemicals

Many cleaning products contain chemicals that can damage Children’s health and school environment. At UrCleaner, we avoid all sort of toxic cleaning product for our school cleaning service. As result, Teachers and student do not have to worry about contaminative environment.

High traffic, High-risk area

Toilet tab, Class room door handle and study desk surface etc are high traffic and high rick area in terms of virus spreading. Intensive disinfection cleaning are being used to every single of potential high rick area in order to protect the safety of everyone in the shool.

Enforced Virus Protection

Food contamination can be passed on by uncleaned kitchen bench surface as well as greasy appliance. Moreover, improper sanitization could cause even food poison or virus infection. Our kitchen cleaning service makes sure all the hygiene hazard are being strictly cleaned, sanitised and double-checked.

Why Choose Us


Professional Service

We take pride in offering the highest quality commercial cleaning services Sydney with our highly trained commercial cleaning team.


Low Budget

We charge less for the same amount of job than other commercial cleaning company does, because we are more efficient, faster meanwhile maintaining cleaning quality.


Flexible Schedule

Our cleaning routine totally depends on your preference. From early in the morning or late at mid-night, we handle your hospital cleaning at all time.


No Contract

UrCleaner Commercial Cleaning Sydney does not bind customers into long-term contracts. We do only basic contract in order to prove the relation between you and our company.


Stable Cleaner

We make sure every cleaner we hire has quality of good English communication skill, hard working and highly trained and ready to commit their commercial cleaning service Sydney in long-term.


24/7 Communication

We keeping strong communication at the forefront of our work by email or messaging when it comes to commercial cleaning Sydney 24/7. Furthermore, we fix all the issues on the same day.


Extra Discount

We offer 10% discount on your current quote if our cleaning service is being referred from you to others. The more referring is from you, the less money you will need to pay for your commercial cleaning service.


Fix issue on the day

Whenever where your venue is and what requirement you need for the day. We always aim to accomplish it  on the same day without postponing to next day.

Our Cleaning Certification

Get One Step Ahead Of Germs

Need to find a reliable commercial cleaning service Sydney for your venue? Make appointment with your name, email, phone and requested details and we will call you back to arrange a time to meet with you in person and inspect your premises.

Got a question?

Send us your question, we will answer you back right away.

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